Superman on wheels

I composed music and created the sound desgin for this trip up to the Highlands with Chris Boardman. From the Guardian: "In 1992 Chris Boardman won gold at the Olympics. It was Britain’s first cycling medal at the Games since 1920. In 1996 he set a one-hour record of 56.375km using his famous Superman position. He speaks to the Guardian about his career and his relationship with the Scottish Highlands"

The doctor will see you now

A series of short interviews for the Guardian, featuring A&E doctors revealing an amusing, pognant or personally important episode in their medical career. A good case of not wanting to do too much with sound to distract from the lovely performances – just the odd touch of simple music and some sound design. The whole series can be seen here.

Shakespeare Solos for the Guardian

From the Guardian: "Leading actors perform key Shakespeare speeches in a set of videos that capture the romance, tragedy, villainy and magic of his plays". I did some simple sound design and music for this series, which can be viewed here.