Limbo: a virtual experience of waiting for asylum

I've been wrapping my head around sound for virtual reality. Or should that be wrapping the sound for virtual reality around my head? It was good to work in an area that feels as if it is still discovering itself, even if at times if felt like the early days of plumbing: pipe the sound from one place to another, tape the ends together, press play and see if it works – or leaks all over the place. End of clumsy metaphor. This first piece is with the Guardian. I wrote some of the music and looked after the postproduction, sound design and 360 mix. 

Pants on fire

My cartooning conspirator Joe Berger has a great new book coming out called Lyttle Lies. This is the trailer for it, and Joe wanted some kind of wonky jazz to accompany it, so came to me. I'm not sure of the jazz quality, but I'm pretty confident it is wonky.