Touch Radio 133: tic-tac-toe


tic-tac-toe was written for Gilbert Ratcliffe, who in 2017 was a final-year dance student at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire. For this performance, called “You Watching Me?”, choreographed for a small group of dancers, Gil wrote:

“My research was centred on the physical and mental manifestation of my journey with Tourette’s Syndrome. I explored it through the collaborative process between choreographer and dancers to see if we could create a non-narrative, abstract dance work that was able to elicit an emotional, performative response.”

You can listen on the Touch Radio page:

Painting by Melanie Young

In pod we trust

Been back in podcasting land for a few weeks. I was asked to create a theme tune for the Guardian's new Chips With Everything show, plus create music and sound design for a Glabs project called Defining Moment, with Guardian US. Ongoing through the summer is also the lovely Andy Zaltzman's Summer of Sport. Anyone who knows me understands that I'm so sport illiterate I wouldn't know which end of a football to kick, and even I find SOS highly entertaining. Tune in for news of chessboxing, donkey cheese and how grouse are preparing for the Olympics. Below I've uploaded the theme tunes for the shows. 

Decomposing composers: a gig with Soweto Kinch

The instructions were as follows: arrive at Cheltenham jazz festival in time for Soweto Kinch’s soundcheck; receive recording of soundcheck and rehearsal; using only those recordings, create 45 minutes of new music, to be played for the audience – straight after the gig. Oxford Contemporary Music, the architects of the project who commissioned Iain Chambers and me to take it on, billed it as “recomposing”. We had about five hours …

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