Music and sound for moving image


See the Latest page for whatever is most recent. Above is the current showreel, featuring clips from work over the past couple of years. Scroll down for more detailed information on individual projects. There is a Soundcloud page where some soundtracks are uploaded, along with other audio-only productions. For licensing of tracks by the London Snorkelling Team, head over to Liftmusic.

Music and sound design for ScanLAB film, walking through the walls of UCL Here East. More at:


Henry IX title music – written by Dick Clement and Ian Le Frenais, directed by Vadim Jean for UKTV Gold. I also wrote some of the cues within the show, to accompany what was basically a regal midlife crisis music. Featuring the mighty Ben Edwards on trumpet, on day release from Robbie Williams.

I composed and produced the music for this pilot show, directed by Martin Morrison, writtten by Martin, Sam Morrison and Andrew Endersby, starring Toby Williams. Lovely end titles from my partner in crime Joe Berger.

I wrote some music and did the sound edit on this documentary, written and directed by Zed Nelson, about gun owners in the US – the first of a new series with the Guardian.  Click on the image to see the film, or view the interactive on the Guardian website.

Guardian animation series: 60-second climate fix (five episodes)

Part of the Guardian's Keep it in the Ground campaign, a series of animations suggesting possible solutions from unlikely quarters. Lovely animations from Scriberia. I wrote music and designed sound.

Going underground …

I created the music and sound design for the latest animations from the Guardian on climate issues. One of the earlier videos in the Keep it in the Ground campaign (see below) was recently awarded a gold award at the New York Design Awards.

Short film: Columbite Tantalite, written and directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor

Part of a Young Vic/Guardian series. Music and sound design. Nominated for a Webby (2014). 

The Guardian Football Universe

I composed music and did sound design for this Guardian animation series looking at areas of the football universe – through the bottom of a pint glass. As with other sport animations for the Guardian, lovely visuals from Chris Lloyd

What's in your tin? 

I wrote music and produced the sound design for this Greenpeace animation (by Scriberia), part of their Just Tuna campaign.


The most bombed place on earth – interactive for the Guardian

The story of the Nevada test site. I composed music and produced sound design for the videos in this interactive, for which film-maker Laurence Topham was granted rare access to the site. Click on the image to the right to be linked to the interactive on the Guardian website. World Digital Media Award winner

Animation: The surprising history of the haka, for Guardian Sport

Some of my finest grunting went in to this, as well as music and other sound design. 

Animation: How did the UN get so big, asks Rachel Weisz

I wrote music and did the sound design for this animation. "The United Nations began with 51 member states and an annual budget of $19m. Has it stayed true to its founding principles of spreading human rights, social progress and upholding international justice?"

Ai Weiwei documentary – a Guardian/Tate special series

I wrote music and created sound design for this Guardian Cities/Tate special. "Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was exiled from Beijing for 18 years and remains under constant surveillance. Here he allows cameras into the self-enclosed neighbourhood for artists he has created in Caochangdi –  in ‘a city that doesn’t really belong to its residents’"

Guardian Sports: animated "explainers"

Films from the Guardian's Keep it in the Ground series

Scoring and sound design for videos in the Guardian's Keep it in the Ground campaign. Left is the YouTube link to the final film in the series of three,
with my score coming in at 1.05.

Documentary: Guantanamo Diary

Guardian "animated documentary about Mohamedou Ould Slahi's declassified memoir, Guantánamo Diary, and its extraordinary eight-year journey from inside the US detention facility to worldwide publication. Mohamedou's brother, attorney and book editor shed light on how the book was released, with extracts read by Dominic West". 

For the Royal Court: Off the Page short film series

Off the Page: sound design and edit for a series of short films, made by The Royal Court in collaboration with the Guardian. Click here to watch all the films. "The filmed, five-minute plays unite Guardian writers with some of theatre’s most important playwrights and directors. Written at speed, filmed in a day …"